Broken Arrow MS Cross Country

Gallery expires on October 16, 2022

***Please Read All Important Information**

Individual Images are sorted by LAST NAME so you can find your athlete's image options easily.  

Team images are labeled as such.

Digital files are available for purchase from individual images only. TEAM IMAGES ARE NOT available for digital file purchases. Digital File Purchases are PER IMAGE - Individual Portrait Images only so that you may print your own packages/prints/products.

Memory mates are available as 8x10 traditional print or 8x10 beveled plaque. Be sure to order with a vertical INDIVIDUAL image please! NOT THE TEAM IMAGE! **If ordered with a team image, we will select the individual.**

Team image will be selected via the drop down menu in the product. Team image will be from smiling full team. Any additional combinations or images must be purchased as separate individual items.

Images in Gallery have NOT YET been Retouched.  ALL ORDERED IMAGES WILL BE VERY LIGHTLY RETOUCHED FOR FINAL ORDERS.  (specifically: Noticeable Blemishes). Images will also be cropped correctly for final product/size, etc. DO NOT ADD CROPS. 

There are no set packages, feel free to mix and match your pose choices with each item purchased as you would like. There is a minimum of $24 to create an order.

If ordering via mobile device, select the shopping cart icon under your image choice to order and SCROLL for product options!

Please allow approx. 1-2 weeks for digital file orders and 2-3 weeks for final print/product items to be completed FOLLOWING DEADLINE OF TEAM GALLERY.

We will have open pick up times available at the studio to make sure portrait packages get home safely and to take the task off of your coaches. Remaining orders not picked up at the studio pick up times will be delivered to the School's Athletic Program for distribution.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Photographic Designs - 918.528.6565 or

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